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Eyes & Ears sells itself… so out best sales pitch is putting it in your hands.  You’ll quickly come to understand the value that Eyes & Ears provides, and how your organization can organize and deploy more effectively with Eyes & Ears in hand.  Trial subscribers typically have one of the following reactions:

  • This is awesome… I’m in (retain the service post-trial, don’t opt-out)
  • Just what I will need, but I’m not ready (opt-out, but I’ll be back)
  • Great service, well done, but more than what I can handle (I wish I had the bandwidth to fully utilize it)
    More than I need (my interest is really narrow, or short-lived) (opt-out, and pay nothing)
  • What we’ve never heard: I’m not impressed.

How the No-Obligation Works:

  • Execute a subscription agreement with an opt-out provision. Yes, we know this means jumping through some modest hoops, but this way we know you’re giving it a fair shot.
  • Make sure all the people in your organization that might value Eyes & Ears, and especially all those that will influence the purchase decision, are signed up. And alert them ahead of time of what’s going on, why they’ll be getting Flash Update emails from us, and what you’ll be expecting from them (feedback on its value in 6 -7 weeks).
  • Try it out at no risk for 2 months. Plenty of time to reach a decision.  And during this time, get timely, top-notch information to fuel your efforts.
  • If you opt-out after the trial period, nothing is due; otherwise, subscription fees are due from the beginning of the trial period.
  • Note: You’ll never be stuck with it because you spaced out on the opt-out date… we’ll always check with you first before sending an invoice.

Think you’ve got it covered?  Think again.

I belong to [insert your industry association… ACE NY, NECEC, RENEW Northeast, etc.].  I get the info I need.  A large proportion of our subscribers also belong go one or more of these associations.  A large proportion of these association’s members also subscribe to SEA’s services.  Try, and see why for yourself.

I subscribe to [insert your national industry data/news service… S&P, Woodmac, Bloomberg, etc]… I’m all set.  Many of our subscribers utilize national services.  Those services are useful, and there will be occasional overlap, but none are built to leverage and expand your team as Eyes & Ears does, providing the comprehensive coverage of everything you need to know for our covered territories.  If you are thinking about them as substitutes… after you try Eyes & Ears, you’ll feel differently.

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