Eyes & Ears now includes powerful search features. 

With an extensive Eyes & Ears article database and robust Search My Content feature, you can:

  • Search and filter articles by keywords, technologies, regions, dates, and more
  • Combine search terms for more targeted results
  • Quickly:
    • Find prior coverage
    • Research the backstory on a topic of current interest
    • Research a broad or narrow subject matter

Give searching and filtering a try within our four sample Flashes on the Samples of Eyes & Ears page!

Search Features

Website access with powerful SEA-Search for Your Current Coverage. Search for all Flash Update Content from the later of the start of your current subscription term or January 2022. Included with Standard and Premium Subscription Service Levels

Website access with powerful SEA-Search to Backstory Archived Content, predating Your Current Coverage. Varied capability included with Standard and Premium subscription levels, see Subscription Service Levels for more information

Have a go-to set of filters or keywords? Bookmark your frequent searches to readily return to them