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What is “Content Loading Status”?

SEA’s Eyes & Ears Subscription Service has over 12 years of content – that’s a LOT of articles! We didn’t, however, want all of that content to become a roadblock to getting you online access into our database of articles and content. To that effect, all new Eyes & Ears content (“Your Current Content”) will be uploaded directly into our site and we’ll simultaneously be bringing older content (“Backstory Archived Content”) on-board.

What’s the difference between “Backstory Archived Content” and “Backstory Archived Content Tagged”?

“Backstory Archived Content” are the articles uploaded into the site, with limited categorization, such as date the article was initially provided and relevant regional location, as would have been included on the original emailed Flash. These articles are still available in our “Find a Flash” and “Search My Content” areas, though their categorization is limited.

“Backstory Archived Content Tagged” are those same articles uploaded, but with the more advanced categorization tags that you’ll see in our “Find a Flash” and “Search My Content” areas. In order to provide the best search database we can, it’s important we don’t rush through these categorizations, which is why there are fewer “Tagged” articles.