The market for clean energy is largely created, shaped and limited by policy, legislation, regulation and market design. In today’s interconnected marketplace, what happens in one market can impact initiatives in another, positively, or negatively.

Action is happening on many fronts, and things can change quickly, for you or against you. Couldn’t you use some professional help? Nobody can track everything—or does, at the granularity that you need.


We do. Now you can, too.

Let us do your homework for you. Since 2007 our Eyes & Ears Renewable Energy Regulatory, Policy, Legislative and Wholesale Market Tracking & Analysis Service has provided crucial insights across the Northeast’s interconnected clean energy marketplace to a broad range of subscribers.

  • What’s your time worth? Save it for something more valuable. SEA’s Eyes & Ears subscription service extends your staff’s capabilities with best-in-class insight on the northeastern U.S. renewable energy market. The most comprehensive tracking and analysis you can find on the Northeast’s interconnected clean energy marketplace, Eyes & Ears is a force multiplier, leveraging your team’s capabilities, time and effectiveness.
  • Fallen behind and/or can’t keep up? Let us ease the panic, making sure you are fresh and current. Staying current means drinking from the fire hose. And policy can move quickly for you or quickly against you. Eyes & Ears provides comfort that you won’t miss important developments, opportunities to act and influence, or fail to foresee an avoidable risk.
  • Trust your sources? In a landscape populated by social media and communications intended more to influence than inform, how do you filter what you read or hear? Our independent and objective approach to policy and market analysis has allowed us to build trust with a wide variety of stakeholders and policymakers across the spectrum, who rely on us for an unbiased view of key renewable energy developments in the Northeast, and what they mean. Eyes & Ears is not a clipping service… it’s all our distillation of what happened, what it means, and links to the relevant primary sources.
  • Need to focus? Need to dig deep? The Eyes & Ears online database lets you search and find for what you need with speed and precision, allowing you to follow a topic from latest developments back in time to the precursors and prior stages.

Eyes & Ears Benefits

Organize and prioritize

Make the overwhelming manageable, by screening headlines for the lay of the land, in minutes

Stay current on industry happenings

Eyes & Ears brings critical issues to the surface in a timely manner

Identify challenges, issues, opportunities for action

Find ways to act, react, and participate in industry developments while avoiding surprises

Do more with less

Cost-effective extension of staff to streamline organizational resources, saving bandwidth, time, and money by outsourcing the comprehensive coverage to us

Get up the curve

Fast track your understanding, get smart quickly on new-to-you and emerging developments by letting us distill and summarize

Find it fast

New powerful search features put what you need at your fingertips

Utilize Subject Matter Experts

Created and curated by SEA’s stable of subject matter experts and analysts (the same team available for expert consulting services), not reporters without the experience or perspective to separate the impactful from the sideshows

Leverage a robust & committed community

Users flag content for us to follow, and take E & E with them in new positions (actual quote from recent job-hopper to their new employer: ‘I can’t believe you don’t get this’)

Who Uses Eyes & Ears?

Needs, Motivations, and Gaps of Eyes & Ears Subscribers

  • Lean and Mean Efficiency. Eyes & Ears is a Force Multiplier for lean and resource-tight teams needing to cover more topics or a broader geographical area than internal resources otherwise allow
  • Ramp Up Support. Start-ups or entities entering the Northeast market need to build capabilities quickly and cost-effectively
  • Robustness. Organizations need to maintain institutional knowledge and avoid ‘resets’ with turnover, promotions, and organizations.  Eyes & Ears keeps your team current and trained on the context that drives and shapes your activities.
  • Focus. Staff needing to allocate time efficiently, tracking industry drivers while maintaining focus on commercial responsibilities.
  • Edge. You need to stay as well-informed as, or better-informed, than your competitors.

Organizations Subscribing to Eyes & Ears

  • Renewable Energy Businesses
  • Investors and Financiers
  • Project Developers
  • Asset Owners & Operators
  • Power Marketers & REC Brokers
  • Electric Transmission & Distribution Companies
  • Energy Services Firms
  • Law Firms
  • Non-Governmental & Advocacy Organizations
  • Public Sector Agencies, Regulators & Policymakers

Functions and Roles of Eyes & Ears Subscribers

  • Government Affairs
  • Market Intelligence
  • Origination
  • Market Analysis
  • Development
  • C-Suite
  • Strategy
  • Compliance
  • Finance
  • Business Development
  • Bid and Procurement Managers
  • Regulatory
  • Program Directors
  • Project Managers
  • Due Diligence
  • Attorneys
  • Sales & Market Entry

User Case Studies

Government Affairs Professional

Challenges Faced:

  • Has to cover a broad area of responsibilities – topically and geographically – with frequently shifting priorities
  • Expected to distill large volumes of complex information for higher ups with limited time and competing priorities
  • Too much to cover, concerned over what gets missed

Eyes & Ears Benefits:

  • Eyes & Ears does the legwork for them, freeing up large chunks of time otherwise spend reviewing, compiling and distilling information to communicate to colleagues, leaving more time to influence or react
  • Better coverage, increased effectiveness.
  • Improves turnaround time to research, distill and communicate to colleagues
  • Assuages concerns that they’ll miss something important.
  • Reduces burnout

Commercial Development Professional

Challenges Faced:

  • Get paid for achieving commercial objectives and evaluated on success in accomplishing those objectives
  • Also expected to keep track of and be aware of all the regulation, legislative, regulatory and market activity and drivers impacting their efforts
  • The above two objectives are in tension, and their ‘day job’ usually wins out… meaning they can’t keep up with things they need to know, and worry about what they’ve missed, and lose lots of time taking away from their primary responsibilities

Eyes & Ears Benefits:

  • Time is one thing that is in short supply. Eyes & Ears creates time…. Time otherwise spent tracking what we do, which can be redirected to what you get paid to do
  • Helps them stay on top of timely legislative, policy, and regulatory updates as well as competitor context, giving them a competitive edge
  • Assuages concerns that they’ll miss something important

How We Do It

SEA Staff Expert Research and Analysis

SEA launched Eyes & Ears in 2007. SEA’s Eyes & Ears staff collectively has over 100 years of industry experience.

Market Analysis

SEA continuously performs market fundamentals analysis in the markets we cover. We have to know it all, and market modeling informs us of what’s most impactful, and what’s not, to help us prioritize information for you.

Consulting Work

We’re involved in much of what we cover, bringing us close to the details.

Advisory Groups, Committees, Industry Orgs

Of course, we participate in and follow most of these.

Extensive Network

With 23 years in business as the first renewable energy focused advisory firm in the Northeast, we’ve accumulated a huge network that extends our reach.

Proactive Gap Assessment

Since the start, if we ever miss something we thought we should have followed, we’ll put in place a process to make sure we never miss the topic and source again. (after doing this for so long, we don’t miss much!)

Our Subscribers

If they identify something in scope that they want to make sure we cover, they’ll alert us so we can save them the time and so the analysis for them.

Review Filings, Orders, Legislation & Web Sources

And, of course, we scrape all the obvious places… but don’t stop there.

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