What is Eyes & Ears?

What’s your time worth? Save it for something more valuable, while we do your homework. SEA’s Eyes & Ears subscription service extends your staff’s capabilities with best-in-class insight on the northeastern U.S. renewable energy market. The most comprehensive tracking and analysis you can find on regulatory, policy, legislative, wholesale and retail market developments across the Northeast’s interconnected clean energy marketplace, Eyes & Ears leverages your team’s capabilities, time, and effectiveness. Eyes & Ears provides comfort that you won’t miss important developments, opportunities to act and influence, or fail to foresee an avoidable risk.

Our independent and objective approach to policy and market analysis has allowed us to build trust with a wide variety of stakeholders and policymakers across the spectrum, who rely on us for an unbiased view of key renewable energy developments in the Northeast, and what they mean.

Flash Updates

What are Flash Updates?

Weekly Flash Updates and Special Flash Updates provide you the timely research, distillation, and interpretation of key renewable energy-related happenings across the northeast region that you need.

What is Included?

  • Top Stories, presented upfront to highlight what’s most important
  • Highly skimmable headlines, enabling quick scanning and triage for the busy professional
  • Comprehensive coverage of regulatory, policy, legislative and wholesale market developments; hearings, meetings, reports, conferences & more
  • Insights on the essential renewable energy adjacent topics such as energy storage, green hydrogen, and related drivers including climate policy & beneficial electrification of mobility and building sector
  • Robust links to all the relevant source documents – we dig so you don’t have to
  • Objective analysis to inform subscribers across commercial interests


With Eyes & Ears, your team will be able to organize more effectively, execute more efficiently, and free up time worth well in excess of the cost of the service to free up and deploy staff members to achieve their own core goals.

Don’t take our word for it…